Back again

So…that last post was a long time ago. Over two years actually. So much life has happened since then!

I’m thinking of returning to the blog, but I stop myself sometimes and wonder, “why start blogging again because who really cares what I have to say or think?” True. I’m not particularly eloquent or wise or well-known.

But I read a post by a great writer and she said this:

I’ve had a post rattling in my head for months now…but I felt like I had nothing to say that hadn’t already been said 18,494 times. But then I remembered my own advice that I give people when they tell me they don’t want to blog because everything’s already been said—yes, but we haven’t heard you say it, and if you feel called to write it, the world needs you to have said it (both because you’ll say it differently than what we’ve yet heard, and because it’ll change you for the better).

Maybe there are things I have to say that are worth saying because they’re from me.

Maybe I just like writing.

Maybe it’s just fun to have a place to record musings and nuggets from different seasons of life.

Maybe I’m a narcissist and just like to listen to my own voice.

All of those are probably true on some level. Whatever my motivation, here I am, back again. I hope – as I hope for most things in my life – that it is done with intention and thoughtfulness, that it brings glory to the One who created me.

Plus, it’s fun. And I kinda like it.

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