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Here’s my Bucket List

Because shouldn’t we all have one? Maybe, maybe not. I admit, the idea is kind of cheesy, but I think it’s fun to think about the things we want to accomplish in this life. Fleeting as this life is, God put us here for a time and for a reason and I want to have goals. Otherwise I might be in danger of sitting around eating goldfish on my couch watching LOST reruns for the rest of my life.

When I lived in Colorado, one night my roommate Courtney decided to invite the random guys next door to hang out with us. Kelly and I were like, “Uh, really? I mean, ok…” But they were pretty fun (and actually a little drunk) and we had a good time chatting. At one point during the evening, one of the guys pulled out a tattered piece of paper with faded writing out of his wallet. He told us it was his Bucket List…and we promptly burst into uproarious laughter (it was Courtney’s fault, her laugh is incredibly infectious). We joked with him that what guy in his twenties carries something like this around with him? We giggled, but it was actually kind of sweet. I can’t even remember what his goals were and I actually never hung out with him again. But I admire his desire to accomplish things he has always dreamed about. I mean, what guy in his twenties actually thinks about that? Maybe a few. But I think this guy was unique and clearly the encounter left an impression on me.

This year, as I’ve been exploring who I am and what I love to do, I realize that there are so many things I want to do. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of my dreams, but I also have to smile inside because God created me to be a dreamer. The problem is that those ideas can stay locked safe inside my head unless I give them a chance to break free and become realities. So here’s a little list of some things I hope to accomplish before I “kick the bucket.” I’ll add to it as I grow up, but it’s a start for now. Make your own; it’s fun. And I promise I won’t laugh at you if you decide to carry it around in your wallet.

1. Write a book (fiction? non-fiction? I dunno yet. we’ll see)

2. Complete a triathlon, half-marathon and marathon (not all at once, I’m not superman)

3. Have my own vegetable garden/live on a farm

4. See the world (yes, this is broad, but it’s what I want to do. maybe revise to say, visit each continent?)

5. Meet Leonardo DiCaprio

6. Write songs and record an album

7. Live in New York City

8. Hike the Appalachian Trail

9. Introduce someone (hopefully several someones) to Jesus

10. Go skydiving

…to be continued!

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Kate and Food: A Love Story

I love food and I love eating. It just brings me so much comfort to stand over a pan at the stove as the smell of onions and garlic in olive oil waft up into the air. As a child, I loved sitting in my room doing kid things while my mom cooked delicious dinners downstairs and the house was filled with wonderful aromas. There’s nothing like curling up on the couch in front of a movie with a big bowl of popcorn or ice cream, or let’s face it, a bowl of goldfish crackers which are my absolute favorite thing.

My love of eating can sometimes be detrimental because during times of sadness or stress, I head to the fridge. The extra pounds I can incur aren’t always welcome, but I usually don’t care because the food just fills the void. As I get older, I’m learning how to have a healthy relationship with food, but also love trying new recipes and enjoying big meals around the table with people I love. I’ve fallen in love with cooking and feel so satisfied when I sit down to enjoy a new dish or an old one I’ve improved on.

I realized something funny the other day. It was late at night and I was getting ready for bed. I wanted to watch a movie to fall asleep to, and I wanted it to be a movie I loved and that I’ve seen before. I didn’t want anything new that I had to pay close attention to. And my usual go-to comfort movies are rom-coms. Yup, I admit it and I’m not ashamed. I looked through my collection and just didn’t see anything that fit my mood, so I looked around on Netflix to see what was in my family’s instant queue. By the way, is there anything better than being able to watch movies instantly on Netflix?! What an ingenious idea. That and Redbox. Goodbye $5 movies from Blockbuster – I’ve moved on. Anyway, I was scanning the list and my eyes passed over one of my favorite movies – Julie and Julia. It appealed to me, but I thought, no, I’ve watched it a lot and I don’t want to get sick of it. But I just love it so much! So I kept looking, but I knew the damage was done. Once I considered the movie, I knew nothing else would work. I clicked on it and realized that I had actually already watched the first 20 minutes at some point (yes, Netflix remembers where you left off and you can resume at any time – brilliant). That’s another thing about me: I tend to start movies and not finish them, especially ones I’ve seen many times. I either lose interest or forget or fall asleep and don’t really care about picking it up the next day.

I decided not to restart the movie so I just picked up where I left off. And I sighed with contentment. A little later I chuckled to myself as I thought about why I love this movie. Yup, you guessed it – because it’s about food! Oh, I love everything else, the setting, the relationships between the husbands and wives, the humor…but truth be told, I love it because the movie is about cooking and eating. I was amused because I realized that just as I get comfort from eating and cooking food (and watching movies), I love watching movies about food! It’s like the best of both worlds. Apparently food just makes me happy. I have a feeling I might get sick of Julie and Julia, but I doubt it. Maybe I’ll just wait a little while before I see it again.

I guess I never realized that food is one of the things I’m passionate about, but there you go. You’ll probably hear more about this love affair. Until then, happy eating!

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Sweet Summertime

Ah, summer. It’s lovely. And hot. Even though there have been times in the past month where I’ve sweated straight through my clothes and searched frantically for an air-conditioned room, I am actually enjoying the heat. Feeling the hot sun on my skin and feeling the moisture rise through my pores just makes me feel alive. I’m actually surprised by this reaction because I usually hate being hot. I mean, does anyone really like it? But for some reason this year I’m just not getting too worked up over the heat. Maybe it has to do with being more at peace with myself and my overactive sweat glands…maybe it’s just knowing that this is a season that will pass quickly into fall. I want to absorb the atmosphere and drink in the thick, southern air as I sit on porches with a cold drink and good people beside me.

I can’t believe it’s already July. We’re officially in the second half of 2010 and I feel like the latter part of the year goes by quicker. Before I know it the girls will be back and then we’ll be leaving for Thanksgiving break. June was a little rough for me because I felt acutely the absence of the girls at school. I didn’t think I’d miss them so much, but when they left I felt lost and alone. I think a lot of that is because I’m still getting settled here and a lot of my time last year was spent with high school girls. I’ve cultivated some community among people my age, but I know I could do better. So at the beginning of summer I spent a lot of time at my parent’s house or at our new mountain house on the parkway and avoided my room at school at all costs. It was messy and hot and I just didn’t want to be there. It made me feel isolated and lonely.

But I turned a corner a few weeks ago after spending a week at Windy Gap with a group of girls. I had a great time at camp and loved the girls – I led a trip of girls who go to two different schools in Winston and who couldn’t go to Sharp Top with our area. I had so much fun getting to know them and it wasn’t even that bad being the only leader. It was great having time with Jesus in the morning because I just feel closer to Him when I’m at camp. I think it’s because life is slow and the outside world isn’t there to distract us. It makes me realize that’s how life should be and I feel more complete and rested in that world.

When I came back, I relaxed for a day with my family then came back to school and cleaned my room within an inch of it’s life. I think there was actually stuff growing in my fridge. It’s amazing how much better I felt afterwards! It brought peace to my soul to have a clean apartment because it reflected how my heart had been cleansed at camp. And now I’m happy to spend time here and relish the quietness of my little bungalow on the third floor. I’ve gotten a lot of great alone time which definitely goes against my instincts – I’m an extrovert by nature and crave community. But I’ve learned the value in solitude and know that I’m really not alone. I’ve got this wonderful heavenly Father who hangs out with me and teaches me stuff when I quiet my life enough to listen.

So, hopefully I’ll write a little bit more because it just soothes my soul. I don’t have any deep insights to share with you right now, but stay tuned. I know my Author will inspire me with words. Right now, I’m just listening and waiting. And soaking up the sun.

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