“Previously on…”

Do you remember life before TV shows started coming out on DVD? I don’t really. I mean, what did I do with my free time? Read? I dunno. But I tell you, it’s an epidemic in this culture. Now we have access to virtually every show that ever aired on television, everything from the Andy Griffith Show to Gossip Girl. I have a love/hate relationship with this technology. I love that I can watch any show I want for hours on end, free of commercial interruption. That’s how LOST and I fell in love – and let me say, it’s so hard to watch that show week-to-week when you’ve watched an entire season in one weekend. I love not having the thought, “Oh man, that’s it?! What happens next week??” because I can just click on the next episode and off we go.

The hate comes in exactly where you would expect – once I start watching a show, it’s hard for me to stop. I mean, really. There might be some people who have self-control and can do things in moderation – I am not one of those people. Oh, I want to be and I’m trying to get there, but I usually have an all-or-nothing attitude. Case in point: for the last few days I have been watching a show on the internet during most of my free time. I let my room become more and more cluttered as I dove into another world. I was tempted to post pictures of how my room looked this week, but I thought maybe that’s too intense and we might not know each other that well. Besides, I did buckle down and clean it up eventually.

I hesitate to even admit the show I can’t get enough of, but I will tell you anyway. And you have my permission to judge me. Ok, here it is….The Hills. I know. But have you seen it?! It’s so addicting. Grrrr. I hate it. Love it. No, hate it. I’ve seen all the episodes before, but it’s oh so fun to watch them again. There’s just something about those girls and life in Hollywood that’s so ridiculous. I usually just shake my head and go, “Really, did you just say that?” But apparently I don’t think it’s too ridiculous because I watch it. I think it’s fun because everyone is so rich and thin and beautiful and…fake. I mean, how can that life be real?? It’s made me realize that if I ever lived in LA, it quite possibly could swallow me whole. I am definitely not cool enough for it. It’s just so glamorous and I wear t-shirts and chacos a lot of the time. And The Hills might be reality TV, but the lives portrayed are far from real. The stars live in a bubble of money and fashion and popularity that most of America has no concept of. Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to it, because it’s like observing aliens from outer space in their natural habitat.

I think it’s time to take a break from that world and get back to life in little ol’ NC. I was taking a walk yesterday and it was just so beautiful. I thought, ya know, as much as I long for excitement and adventure and (sometimes) a glamorous life like the girls on The Hills, life is so good here. It’s real and I have friends and family that love me. I know God is taking me on an adventure right here and I just need to stop, look around, and watch what He’s doing. It’s dangerous watching other people live their lives instead of living my own.

My parents never let me watch much TV growing up. They always told me to go outside and play…maybe they were onto something.

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