Let Us Sing

I just had a great weekend in Montreat, North Carolina – a place that I would argue is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I was on a women’s retreat with my church and it made my heart so full to be around all generations of women. I made some great new friends and I even picked up some babysitting jobs (hey, I do what I can). The fun part was getting to hang out with some girls in my small group and also girls in my sunday school class that I haven’t spent time with before. There’s just something about being with people for 48 hours that binds you together. Lots of laughter, lots of food, lots of worship, lots of talking, lots of card games and bananagrams. And of course, a lovely afternoon nap, followed by a walk outside…

Nothing can capture what a gorgeous day it was yesterday. The sun was shining, the wind was gently blowing. I sat by the lake and watched the sun glisten off the water and I just felt so alive. I was also a tad nostalgic because the last time I was at Montreat was with my brother Will for our friend Katie’s wedding, back in ’03 I think. My mind drifted back to younger days and I was thinking about what a beautiful wedding it was. It was the first wedding I had been to where the couple truly loved Jesus, and we sang ‘Shout to the Lord.’ I couldn’t believe we were singing a praise song at a wedding and I hadn’t even heard it before. But of course I loved it. And last night during our session, guess what song was part of the set? I sat back, smiled, and sang my heart out.

I think it was God giving me a hug.

And telling me that He has my past, is here with me in the present, and holds my future in His hands. As I wrestle through this season of searching for my heart’s true desires, I cling to this hope. Nothing compares to the promise I have in Him.

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