Rain, rain, don’t go away

“So let us know, let us press on to know the Lord. As surely as the sun rises, He will appear; He will come to us like the rain, like the spring rain watering the earth.” (Hosea 6:3)

It’s been raining a lot tonight. I mean, A LOT. And I’m not always the biggest fan of rain – it’s kind of a love/hate relationship. I love rainy days when I can sit inside with a hot mug of tea or coffee and watch movies or read. I hate rainy days when I have to drive or walk outside. It just makes everything more complicated, am I right? I’m usually like, “UGH, enough already.” And usually a little annoyed that rain messes up what I want to wear – it’s hard to feel cute with a sopping wet rain coat and frizzy hair.

But when I start to shake my fist at the clouds, I think of the verse above. As much as I get depressed by gray skies and puddles, I know that rain has a purpose. The rain must come down in the spring so that things will grow. If we want the beauty of the season, we have to accept the means by which it becomes beautiful. We do live in a beautiful place and that beauty comes from having a wetter climate. It rains a lot here, but oh man, it’s so worth it. Now that spring is officially underway, I’m left breathless by the leaves budding on the trees and flowers popping up everywhere. So, I guess I can handle some rain every now and then, even if the effect it has on my hair does make me a little grumpy.

But that verse isn’t really about why we need rain, it just gives illustration to a simple fact: Like the rain that comes every spring, so God will come when we seek Him. It puts into words beautifully our relationship with the Father. If we press on to know Him, He will come. Just like the dawn, just like the rain, we can count on Him. Gosh, that’s so beautiful it takes my breath away. He is so romantic, that God of ours, and He longs for intimacy with us. He wants us to reach out for Him because He is right there, waiting for us.

So, the rain reminds me that the earth needs it to make things grow…and it reminds me that it will always come, just like God will always come when I call. When I look outside during a storm, I want to remember that the Lord will just as surely come like a storm into my heart. A good storm. I can’t stop the rain from coming and I can’t keep Him from showing up in my life. And I really don’t want to stop either of them. Come rain, come Jesus. Make me grow.

Oh, that we might know the Lord – Oh, that we might know the Lord – Let us press on to know Him – Let us press hard into Him – Then as surely as the coming of the dawn – He will respond – He will respond. (from the song Hosea, by Shane Barnard…download it)

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