my cup overflows…

I’m sitting on my bed, watching the snow fall outside my window. Are there many things more beautiful? The beginnings of a new snow are fun to watch…after a while, everything turns muddy and brown and you just want it to go ahead and melt already, but at the beginning, we all sit back and sigh as we watch the world around us turn white. And of course, when you’re in school, there’s the exciting anticipation of will-there-or-won’t-there-be-school-tomorrow. I’ll never forget the wonderful days in high school when I woke up to my mom peeping her head in my room saying, “No school today,” or “Two-hour delay.” I remember one particular day my sophomore year when it started snowing pretty hard in second period (Algebra II). None of us paid attention to the teacher and we all shouted for joy when the principal came on the intercom and told us we could go home. My best friend Virginia and I promptly made a plan to spend the day/night together (as was our custom most non-school days) and we hopped in my brother’s car and made our way to my house. Funny the things you remember, huh? I’m sure that happened more than once, but it really doesn’t snow that much here in NC (the current winter excluded). I just remember the elation that came with an unexpected day of freedom. Ah, memories.

I also remember how slowly days in our childhood seem to pass. It always felt like an eternity from birthday to birthday and Christmas to Christmas and the holidays themselves seemed to last forever. But now time flies by. I had a great weekend here at school, but I’m still rubbing my eyes and looking around going, “It’s already Tuesday? Wait, it’s already MARCH?!” As we get older, each day becomes a smaller percentage of our overall lives and so they just seem to speed by (along with the fact that we are much busier than five-year-olds).

But even though the weekend flew by, it was a great one. I thought I’d have more time to myself than I did – I really did want to catch up on my book – but it just didn’t work out that way. And that’s fine because my time was spent well. On Friday night, I ate pizza and watched the Olympics with some girls. It started out just me and one other girl, but since we were in the rec room, it quickly turned into me and five or more girls. That’s what I love about this place…if you’re in a common area, you can pretty much count on people passing through and stopping to talk. Now, I probably would have been more annoyed if I was watching a movie (I can’t mulit-task in any way, especially talking while watching a movie or show I love), but since it was the Olympics, I was perfectly content. Then, on Saturday morning, I decided to invite my Mary’s of Course girls to head over to that restaurant for brunch. It was fabulous, as usual. Great food, great girls, great conversation. At 4:30, I headed over to my church to set up for….the FIRST WYLDLIFE CLUB EVER in our area…wahoo! It was spectacular. There were 100 kids there, no joke (for those of you unfamiliar with it, WyldLife is middle school Young Life). I met so many kids and ran around like a crazy person – hey, it’s what I do best. Afterwards, some leaders and I got pizza at Mellow Mushroom (yes, pizza for the 2nd night in a row), then I went home and actually crashed into my bed. Divine exhaustion.

Sunday morning was church and Sunday school was awesome. We started a new series on the Old Testament feasts and it’s exactly where I am right now in my read-through of the Bible! I was completely engaged and excited. I’ve been wanting to avoid missing church the past few months, but now I really can’t miss these lessons. What a great feeling, the desire to be at church. And then, there was the worship service where we got the amazing opportunity to hear ChiRho, the Christian men’s a cappella group from Wake Forest, sing several songs. It left me speechless. I was so moved by the music. I mean, these guys have phenomenal voices and they’re singing praises to God. WOW. Afterwards, I immediately called my Dad and told him he had to see these guys live. It’s totally up his alley. My dad loves to sing and the whole time, I was imagining him up there, bopping along with the beat and harmonizing with the other guys. There are few things that show me Jesus more than that.

After church, my YL team and I hung out, ate lunch, and played with our friends kids. The girl YL leaders in our area were getting together after that, but I just knew I needed to be alone that afternoon. I was pretty over-stimulated. I may lean more towards being an extrovert, but there is an introvert in me that needs down time without people. So, I spent that afternoon with Jesus. It was perfect.

I know that I just told you all the details of my weekend, but it was worth telling. My heart was just so full at the end and everything that happened made me fall more in love with God. It also just shows how settled I am becoming here, and that’s a feeling I don’t think I’ve ever had. I like it. Here’s to more weekends that fill my soul as much as this one did.

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