When our dreams come true

I haven’t really been watching the winter Olympics – mainly because I don’t have a tv in my room and it just slips my mind to go down to the rec room to watch – but I really love them. The excitement and energy of the athletes jumps off the screen and draws you into this incredible world. It’s fun to feel our world unite as we come together to play games. Now, I usually have a problem with the amount of money spent on sports and entertainment. It’s quite obscene how much a professional athlete gets paid – and how can we get excited about the winter games with a war going on and places like Port-au-Prince lying in ruin? But maybe it is okay to join the fun every two years and cheer on our favorite stars.

I like the winter Olympics specifically for a couple reasons. One, I do like cold weather and winter (well, for the most part, since this has been one of the coldest winters ever) and I love watching skiing, speed skating, and figure skating. Snow sports are just fun to watch. Two, how beautiful are those Canadian mountains?! The winter games afford us some of the most spectacular views; I definitely want to visit Vancouver someday. The summer games are undoubtedly bigger and get a lot more press – and I usually get more into it because of swimming and volleyball – but this season I’m reminded of my fondness for the other Olympics.

Like I said, I haven’t been watching them, which makes me sad. It makes me sad because I am one of those people who just likes to be a part of things. I don’t like it when something huge is going on and I’m like, “huh?” I want to jump on the bandwagon, I admit it! Probably the extreme extrovert in me showing its true colors. Anyway, I’m visiting my parents for a couple nights and I was excited to watch the Olympics with them. I can’t tell you how many memories I have of watching figure skating with my mom – she loves it. But last night, the cable/internet went out! We were crestfallen. Truth be told, it actually was kind of nice because I spent time reading, but we were disappointed nonetheless. Around 11:00 I randomly decided to check if the cable was back on and…victory! It was. And the cool part was it came back on right as the last few men were getting ready to skate. I got to see the competition that the commentators were calling “one for the ages.” It was so cool. And that guy Evan Lysacek is kinda cute.

The best part was watching Evan win (the first American to win gold in that event since Brian Boitano in 1988!) and the gold medal being placed around his neck. They always show a close up of the winner’s face as they hear their name called, step on the highest podium, and receive their prize. The look on their faces is priceless. Especially as they raise the flag and play our national anthem. I was sitting there realizing that I was actually witnessing somone’s dreams come true. How many times do you think Evan dreamed of that moment and pushed himself to the absolute limit so that dream could become a reality? Seeing the look of awe on his face was priceless. How cool to watch that happen. I just think we don’t get to see that very often.

And maybe we don’t get to feel it very often. As I was watching, I was thinking of what it must feel like to finally be experiencing the thing you’ve been waiting for your entire life. For me, the only thing I can compare it to is the feeling I’ll have on my wedding day, and when I first hold my children in my arms…and when I stand before my Lord and Savior when He calls me home. The joy that these gold medalists feel will be nothing compared to the feeling believers will have when face to face with Jesus. I just love how so many things in life are a picture of what’s to come, albeit a vague and fuzzy snapshot. Oh, how I long for that day, when I stand in Him complete, when I see Him and hear Him call my name. I’ll run as fast as I can into His embrace, on the highest podium. Then all of my dreams will come true. I’ll have won the gold.

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