The mountains declare Your glory

I am so blessed by my job. I love the women I work with and I love being a part of Young Life in any way. What’s great about the regional office is that we are the hub of the wheel that is Young Life in most of North Carolina. We get the chance to serve the faithful staff and help them with anything they need as they work hard to reach their communities for Christ. I love it. I love answering phone calls and e-mails and doing my best to find answers to their questions (which usually happens by me turning around in my chair and saying, “Hey Elisabeth, do you know how to…?”). It’s just a great place to work.

Yesterday, Lynn (our regional director) and I drove to Brevard, NC to meet with some Wyld Life leaders. They are going to camp in a few weeks and only a few of them have been before, so they needed some training and preparation. Wyld Life (middle school YL) is just getting started in their community and already they have  a ton of kids involved. And the great thing is, all the leaders are young middle school teachers, which is awesome. Lynn wanted me to come along and talk to them about what to expect at weekend camp and train them in all the particulars. I was so excited! Since I taught 7th grade for a couple years and also worked with Wyld Life in Colorado, I have a pretty good idea about how it all works. I am by no means an expert, but I know enough to help these folks be prepared for a weekend at Windy Gap.

Any time I talk to people about Young Life and Wyld Life, I come alive. In those situations I just remember how passionate I am about ministering to young kids and I feel like I bubble over with enthusiasm. And I also love teaching and training people. So last night was great. And Lynn and I were so encouraged by the ministry in this small, rural community. These folks love Jesus and love kids. They don’t know much about Young Life, but they are so eager to learn and they just soaked up everything we said like sponges. When we left, I told Lynn that it just felt like THAT is what ministry should look like: people in a community finding a way to share Christ with kids and being willing to learn. I hope that this Wyld Life ministry in Transylvania County continues to flourish and that it one day leads to a strong Young Life ministry in the high schools.

Lynn and I stayed the night with a committee couple in Brevard and they have a beautiful cabin in the mountains. I’m completely jealous of it! I hope one day I can live somewhere so wonderful. There’s just something about the mountains that scream GOD to me. I’ve always been moved by the outdoors and nature and I just love how the mountains – and all of creation – declare the glory of God. I can’t help but look at the Blue Ridge mountains or the Rockies or the ocean and stand in awe of how great our God is. He is majestic and beautiful and breathtaking.

The heavens declare You are God – And the mountains rejoice – The oceans cry ‘Alleluia’ – as we worship You, Lord – for this is our song of love.

P.S. Sorry the picture is so dark – it was before sunrise. Lynn made us leave so dang early! (but I love her anyway)

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