Whole Foods – the way to my heart

I am so thankful to have a free place to live and free food to eat every day. That being said, the school food is, um, not my favorite thing in the world. It wasn’t so bad at first, but I think one of the cooks (who made baller vegetarian food) was let go this fall and it’s just been hard to find substantial meals for this herbivore. It’s been getting harder – if you are what you eat, I really would have turned into a salad a long time ago.

So, I decided to do something about it! I’m not so good with budgeting my money, but I’m getting there and I decided to allow some money for groceries (by the way, use mint.com for budgeting – it’s amazing). I just got back from Whole Foods and I think I might pass out from happiness. I’ve got all kinds of goodies in my fridge! And I stayed within my budget! Seriously, I’m getting light headed. I’m excited to pack lunches for the office and cook things that I can save for leftovers (like chilis and soups). I don’t have an oven or stove in my room, but there’s a kitchen downstairs I can use. I.am.so.excited. Simple pleasures.

Some fun things happening tonight: First, I finally got plugged in to a small group at church and we’re meeting tonight. Wahoo! Such an answer to prayer. I’m also going on a women’s retreat at church this weekend and I think a few of those women in the group are going. I’m just so glad I’ll finally get to know some more people my age at church. Hey, thanks God. Then later tonight, we have our first little bible study here at school! I think it will be just a few girls (boarders) and we’re going to talk about our vision for the semester and what kinds of things they want to learn about. I’m kind of co-leading with a junior girl – the whole thing was her idea, although I was planning on starting Campaigners at some point. We won’t necessarily call it that, but hey, whatever works. I think it’s awesome to give her some ownership of this and teach her how to lead her friends. It’s just going to be a great thing, and hopefully something we can continue next year.

*sigh* I’m just thankful in this moment. Even though the weather is still nasty, my heart feel sunny (wow, that was cheesy). But seriously, it feels good to manage my money and eat interesting foods again. And get some fellowship. It was just a good day.

Oh, and as I’m going through this time of “what-am-I-going-to-do-next?” and waiting on the Lord, this song by Susan Ashton describes almost exactly how I feel (she’s old school – we definitely rocked her music in the ’90s, but the great thing about music and words is they are timeless):


I long for the shape of things to be true to their form
Love in a circle, hearts in a line
Molded by sacred design.

But I see a diversity of opinion unfold
Discerning masons building a wall
But I need help to stand, not to fall.

I'm taking a road that I've never been down
I'm doing the best I can
I really believe I'm where I need to be now
Tell me You understand.

I'm following a voice in faithful pursuit
I'm searching my soul to do what I'm called to do
I need Your benediction, where's Your benediction
I'm battling the odds through faces of doubt
And it would mean so much if You could send me out
With Your benediction, I need Your benediction.
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2 thoughts on “Whole Foods – the way to my heart

  1. Hi Kate!
    I like the sound of your boarding school life! You have such a heart for kids. Yahoo!
    Healthy food does sound good, but it DOES demand shopping so I think I’ll just have a salty can of soup!

  2. haha, too right you are Karen! Thanks for the encouragement – how are you? still loving on those middle school kids? I miss you!

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