Snow, you give me fever (cabin, that is)

It snowed this weekend! Seriously, I still feel like I’m in Colorado sometimes. Except that when it snows in NC, people freak out. All of the grocery stores were packed on Friday night with people picking up “staples” they might need during the snow storm. I mean, because God forbid you actually have to *gasp* drive in the snow! Ah, I should cut the southerners some slack. It is pretty epic when it snows 5 inches or more. And it’s kind of cute  how the whole town shuts down and school and church and everything else is cancelled for days on end. Kind of.

(the view from my window)

So,  yes, I was snowed in with the girls all weekend. Parts of it  were really fun! Our dean of students organized games and fun things to do inside, so on Friday night we had a little white-elephant gift exchange. Then I got in my owl pj’s and watched Harry Potter 5 with some girls…and of course ate a ton of goldfish and m&m’s (two of my favorite things). That was fun, until Saturday afternoon when I had to work in the office while everyone played outside *tear.* Part of me wasn’t so sad because it was so cold, but I really did want to sled. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll get my chance sometime soon. I also had to work in the office again on Sunday, which was a drag, but what are you gonna do? I complained a little. I admit it. But I’m going out of town next weekend, so it all evens out.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I love it when girls hang out with  me in the office at school! It makes the time so much  more bearable. Sometimes I do like to be left alone to read and pick my nose (I mean, what?), but it is also very cool when I get to  spend time with the chicas. I got to catch up with a couple girls  I hadn’t seen all Jan term. One funny thing about being a YL leader – most of the time I have a really hard time keeping up with all the drama in girls’ lives. Sometimes a girl will be telling me what’s going on in her life and she drops about 10 names in 5 minutes and the story has no coherent pattern. I’m always having to stop and say, “Wait, what’s-his-name cheated on you with that chick?” It kind of  leaves my head spinning. But I always smile on the inside and just think “Ah, high school.” It’s endearing how they talk about their lives and that  they open up to me about it. I feel like I should take notes sometimes. Listening to a high school girl talk is almost as hard as listening to a college lecture.

Yes, I got cabin fever this weekend. I ate too much, watched too many movies, and didn’t  work out once. But I did have a lot of quality time with some girls and that makes it all worth it. Just another reason why living at this school is perfect  for me. What can I say? I was made for this.

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