Love one another. Yeah, that’ll be easy.

The gloomy, wintry weather takes its toll on me after a while. I know a lot of people probably feel this way, but January through March is just rough. What is it about sunlight that actually is good for our souls? One thing I miss about Colorado is the constant sunshine. It would get pretty cold, but you could almost always count on it being sunny. There wasn’t all this rain and cloudiness. Now, there are times when I enjoy a cloudy, cold day. But months of it? No thanks. I’m looking forward to the days ahead when I can stop bundling up to go outside and let my feet breathe in flip flops. Oh, come soon Spring…

By the by, do you have people in your life that are…how do I put this…taxing on you? I don’t want to say they’re hard to love, because it might not even be that obvious. It’s not that they make you want to scream and pull your hair out every time you talk to them. It’s more that they just maybe rub you the wrong way or don’t speak your language. I’ve spent time with a few of those people and it’s hard. But I know I can’t just avoid those situations, because Jesus calls us to be uncomfortable and love everyone. And it’s even harder when it’s a high school kid. Why? Because as a Young Life leader, and general lover of young people, I want to reach out to every kid. Even (maybe especially) the kids that make me uncomfortable or annoy me. I want to put my selfishness and pride aside long enough to see the person beneath the exterior. You know what? I just want to be like Jesus. It’s so stinking hard. But thank God for grace and mercy and a God that is so unbelievely,  furiously loving it takes my breath away.

I’m getting ready to start a bible study with some girls at  school. We probably won’t call it Campaigners  per se, but it will be me and some girls studying the Word. One girl came to me last semester with the desire to do this for her friends, so we’re working on how its going to look. I’m thinking that I want to give her more ownership of this thing. I’ll be there to help her, but it would be awesome to set her up as a leader at her school. I’m praying. Around every corner is new territory I haven’t seen, but it’s GOOD. God’s at work at the school and I’m just glad I get to be a small part of it.

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