An internet-free weekend

On Friday night I decided that I was sick of looking at my computer screen. I’d been watching a lot of LOST episodes – getting ready for the AMAZING Feb 2 premiere – and checking facebook way to much. Does that happen to you? I find that I check my e-mail/fb every few hours, only to find nothing new. I think it’s because I want to feel connected to the outside world. Or feel like people care about me enough to write on my wall.

But that’s no way to live. So I decided not to turn on my computer or watch TV all weekend. The television part sort-of happened – could I help it that the NFL playoffs and the Golden Globes were on Sunday?! I watched those with Mom and Dad…I’m okay with that exception. Anyway, what a nice, refreshing few days. I actually slept more and found that I was pretty tired. Not sure why. But I slept well and dreamt a lot (always a sign of good sleep). By the way, if you are friends with me, chances are I have had or will have a dream about you at some point. I’ve got a crazy, vivid imagination. I like it. Anyway, I’ve decided to spend less time on the internet each day and just…live.

On Saturday afternoon, I was on duty and of course some girls hung out with me for a bit. One of the nice things about not watching TV was that I actually wanted to spend time with them – I wasn’t thinking the whole time, “Ok, nice to see you but leave now so I can finish this episode or movie.” Some of the girls were dancing for me and we laughed a lot. I love watching them dance! They keep me up to date on the latest songs/dance moves (and my sisters know I’m always out of date). I just love that these girls want to hang out with me and feel comfortable with me.

So, it was a nice, quiet weekend. Not a lot of girls were around because of MLK weekend, so I got to spend some good time alone. I think I’m more of an introvert than I’d like to admit – after YL leadership last night, I was way over-stimulated and exhausted when I got home. I started reading Mere Christianity on Saturday and am almost done. It’s so good! The whole time I’m reading it, I’m thinking, “This makes so much sense!” I love a book I can’t put down. I’ll probably read some of his other stuff soon.

One last thing: I LOVE playing the piano and learning the guitar. Dad helped me with some basics on Sunday. Right now, my fingers are sore, but my heart is swelling with joy. One of the things the Lord created in me is a passion and joy for music – it makes me feel so alive. Who knows how He’ll use that or where He’ll take me, but all I know is that I’m ecstatic to be using the gift He’s given me. Thanks, Jesus!

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